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Who: Soifon and Aizen
Where: Aizen's house
When: The bridge between May 10th and May 11th
What: A midnight vigil/wake
Warnings: Mild language in narrative. That, and the log's longer than Ichigo's sword.

...the man Gin never offended Aizen's nose.Collapse )
21 May 2007 @ 08:32 pm
Who: Byakuya and his literature students.
Where: Dojo 6
When: Tuesday, May 22
What: Byakuya introduces his students to Shakespeare~
Warnings: None.

And let class begin~Collapse )
17 May 2007 @ 06:04 pm
Who: Rukia, Renji
Where: near Dojo 2
When: Tuesday of Golden Week, during the picnic
What: Rukia needs to practice figure drawing, and needs a model (one might ask why she doesn't just go get a bunny to draw, that's what her picture will end up being anyway...)
Warnings: Renji abuse?


he trusted her... not her artistic abilityCollapse )

(Unfortunately, this is as far as we got before aries quit the game, but I wanted to put it up even though it cuts off. If/when we get a new Renji, I'd love to continue it, in whatever direction they like for Renji/Rukia.)
Who: Soifon, Yoruichi
Where: Dojo 2
When: Tuesday, May 15th - Evening
What: Sparring leads to revelations, truth, and suchlike.
Warnings: Violence, language, crying!Soifon

You were always wanted.Collapse )
Who: Soifon and the Fine Arts kiddies
Where: The lawn in front of the pond
When: Monday, May 14th
What: Landscapes
Warnings: Soi NOT being super-aggressive.
Ponds are pretty.Collapse )
13 May 2007 @ 03:54 pm
Who: Mashiro, Shinji
Where: stairwell in girl's dorm
When: right after the infamous computer class
What: Shinji to the rescue of EmoMashiro!
Warnings: Probably none.


Stupid Hitsubaka-sensei...Collapse )
((We've all seen Soifon's "deleted" post. There's an unfinished log leading from it, but for now, Aizen's just being generally smarmy over last night's 'wake'. He must show how much he cares, with as many witnesses as possible.))

Who: Aizen-sensei and the students who didn't party themselves to death last week
Where: His classroom
When: Friday, May 11
What: Freud lecture Change of plans
Warnings: Touchy-feeliness

Real men don't cryCollapse )
05 May 2007 @ 12:16 am

These posters have appeared around school, with the date of Monday May 7th and Dojo 8 listed.
04 May 2007 @ 11:53 pm
Who: Ichimaru Gin, Kyouraku Shunsui, Spectators
What: Exhibition match: Ichimaru vs. Kyouraku
When: Friday, May 4
Where: Dojo 8
Warnings: Flying martial art theatrics and alcohol consumption. (Rated T for Teen.)

There was little to be bored with Ichimaru's preferred style, much less his own.Collapse )
Who: Gin, Abarai, Aizen, Isane, and any spectators
Where: Dojo 5
When: Wednesday, May 2
What: Sanctioned fight, and the first time Aizen's ever seen his pupil in action.
Warnings: If Renji's so manly, he's chivalrous enough not to hit girls, so there'll be no violence here. None.

Everybody's got the right to be happy...Collapse )