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gotei_academy's Journal

Round One - FIGHT!
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"What do you see in front of your fist?" - Zen koan

For the students and instructors of gotei_academy, finding an answer to that question is one of their goals. Everyone at the elite martial arts academy and private school - be they student, instructor, announcer, or even the medics - are all there for the same reasons, the love of fighting and the desire to help foster that in others.

For those privileged enough to attend and teach, the academy is both an outlet for their aggression as well as a place to make friends and show off their skills while receiving a top-notch education. Both instructors and students are expected to showcase their skills in competitions both mental and physical, although not all the fighting that takes place is sanctioned.

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- All players may have up to three characters total, as long as those characters do not have a canonical relationship. This is mainly because there will be a lot of interaction via classes and fights, and fighting against yourself is lame and makes baby kittens weep.

- Canon relationships in regard to friendships, rivalries, and associations are expected to be followed. Obviously, new friendships, rivalries, and associations will be formed, but the game is going on the basis that people have been attending the Academy for at least one year.

- This game is an AU Bleach game set in the modern era that takes place in an elite private school known as Gotei Academy. There are no powers in the game, all skills and fighting styles used are real. While relationships of all kinds are expected and encouraged, the focus is the martial interactions.

- The mission of the school is to teach a balance between mind and body while also promoting competitive fighting. The characters will live in on-campus housing. Student housing is not co-ed, but faculty and staff can have co-ed housing.

- Living arrangements are dormitory suite styled. This means there is a common room shared between two doubles, so each suite is three rooms (two bedrooms and a common room). Each floor has three suites, a bathroom, and a common lounge/kitchen with a staircase that connects each floor. Each dormitory building will have an RA, a faculty member who will be assigned to deal with student issues for both the male and female dorms.

- If issues arise in an IM exchange, the logs should be saved for reference. This way the Mods can SEE first hand instead of having to go on people's words. If you cannot resolve matters OOC between yourselves, then bring it to the appropriate Moderator. If the issue is OOC between two players, bring it to the Head Mod, if the issue has to do with another person's roleplaying, bring it to the Mod. You can find Mod information below.

- Upon acceptance to the community, players will have one week to create their journal, join the communities and make their first post, unless they approach a moderator with a sufficient reason for not doing so before hand. Failure to do so will result in the character being reopened, and the player removed from the community as that character.

- To keep the community active, we would like to see our players post a journal with their character at least once every two weeks as well as participate in any available threads such as Class or Competitions. If three weeks go by with no actual post from you, and no reason given to the Mods prior to your little hiatus, your character will be reopened. Obviously, feel free to post more often than that, since we do love character interaction. ^__^

- This game operates off both Threads and Logs for interaction. A Thread is an open RPing scene while a Log is a scene that already took place. When making a Thread please label it as either a Class Thread, Action Thread, or Competition Thread in the Subject of the entry. Participating in Threads makes Mods happy.

- Threads and Logs should be placed under a lj-cut and placed on the main community using the following format. Please use a system such as placing character names in bold at the beginning of each of their sections or color coding, so as not to confuse people as to who is who.