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22 May 2007 @ 04:51 am
[Action Thread] Work The Emo Right Out Of Him...  
Who: Soifon and Ulquiorra
Where: Dojo 2, but will move elsewhere
When: Sunday, May 20th - 7 AM
What: Training!
Warnings: I guarantee you violence

7 AM was early by most standards, even those held by the miniature Fine Arts teacher; the sun hadn't yet made itself known in any particular way, and the air was still cold and crisp. Of course, since they were quite a ways up a mountainside, that was the usual state of the air... but, that fact didn't lessen the effect.

Soifon stood within the Dojo, waiting for her student; he had been alerted to the time and place of their training, and he seemed the respectful, punctual sort, so she foresaw no problems. If only her other student was so... not-terrible in every conceivable way.

Ah well. One played the hand one was dealt.

Ulquiorraemo_espada on June 12th, 2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
Fear huh? Interesting question. "Fear comes in many forms: fear of objects, fear of emotions, fear of loss, fear of gain, fear of a person, et cetera. Most of this translates to something a person wants no part of in their life, and when their life is threatened that person feels fear because some aspect of their life is in danger or is about to change. Of course, if a person knows how to handle them self in a particular situation, there is no reason for fear at all."